How to build trust and rapport instantly

Strategies to persuade and influence people faster and easier

In addition, near the end of his presentation, Patrick will ask all participants to make a commitment on a goal that is outside their comfort zone. He will give all the participants a free souvenir bracelet to be worn for 21 days to remind them to act on their commitment. Patrick believes that action is the only way to get better RESULTS.

What are the success secrets of the best communicators? How could you earn the trust of an individual in the first few seconds? How do you adapt your communication to the personality style of others? Are you a red, yellow, green or blue?


The purpose of this funny and highly interactive session is to make you a better communicator and better persuade and influence people. The audience will learn:

  • Why people think and act like they do;
  • The 4 personality styles: Are you red, a yellow, a green or a blue?;
  • That you must adapt your communication to the personality styles of others;
  • To discover in the very first minutes the motivations, fears, needs and desires of others;
  • That the best gift you can give others is to listen to them well and fulfill their personal needs and motivations; and
  • That if you want to get some honey (persuade others) you must not to knock over the beehive.

“The day we spend with Patrick Leroux early this year has been very motivating, I would even say UNBELIEVABLE! Now our sales staff puts a lot of energy to discover the personality styles “colors” of our clients allowing us to increase our sales and gives us a great edge over our competitors. ”

Claude Hudon, President Trevi

“The comments from the employees who have attended Mr Patrick Leroux’s presentation are very positive, they have appreciated this conference a lot.  The preparation was very fluid, smooth and courteous. Merci!”

– Yelena Sheedy, Adjointe au vice-président  Marques Constellation

“Patrick’s presentation is just like a very good movie that we like to recommend to everyone we know!”

– Charles Arpin, President C & M Tachograph