Igniting The Fire Within

Strategies for maximizing your performance and optimizing your leadership

In addition, near the end of his presentation, Patrick will ask all participants to make a commitment on a goal that is outside their comfort zone. He will give all the participants a free souvenir bracelet to remind them to act on their commitment. Patrick believes that action is the only way to get better

Why is it that some people are more motivated and experience more success than others? How are they able to achieve exceptional results in all aspects of their life?


With the help of a fast-moving series of methodologies, ideas and techniques which each person can apply in every area of life and work, this session will allow you to discover the secrets of success and how to get motivated, and stay motivated for life. This particular session contains the keys to personal effectiveness, maximum achievement and unlimited success. In addition, this session addresses the best ideas for success that have ever been discovered. Through Patrick’s interactive, entertaining and practical approach, the participants will learn :


  • That they are 100% responsible for the results they produce in their lives;
  • That there is no such a thing as a bad person, but only person at bad places ;
  • That in order to earn and perform more, they have to learn (continuing education) ;
  • That successful people focus on highly valuable activities and avoid distractions ;
  • A powerful tool to program their brain to abundance: the movie of your future life ;
  • That in order to succeed today, we need to be different and we need to go from a transactional mode to an memorable experience mode (with our clients and co-workers); and
  • That stepping out of your comfort zone, being committed and taking action are the ultimate keys to success.

« Patrick Leroux is a sensational motivational speaker. His presentation to Canadian Food Inspection Agency staff evoked incredible emotion and passion in all participants. His insurance that all participants commit to action further reinforces the action orientation of his presentation. This speech will force you to reflect on your career and your life and will`Ignite the Fire Within`in order to make positive change. The energy and quality of Patrick Leroux’s presentation is a clear rival for the likes of Anthony Robbins. »

– Sharon Vien Head, Strategic Planning Human Resources Branch Canadian Food Inspection Agency

« I would like to give you some feedback on the speaker we used Patrick Leroux.  I was pleasantly surprised by his presentation at our conference. Patrick is a very dynamic and enthusiastic speaker and is great at engaging directly with the audience. In addition, his presentation was more than just motivational he gave practical tips and tricks that easily fit into daily life and can cause a significant change in an audience member’s life as long as they are willing to take action and follow through. Patrick also received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his presentation so I know that I am not alone knowing that he sparked something in more than a few of the people in attendence. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick to other functions with business professionals. Thanks ! »

– Sheryl Merkley, Operations Manager Financial Horizons Group

«I really enjoy your message on the importance of TAKING ACTION. Your presentation “Igiting The Fire Within – From comfort to commitment” is of exceptional value! Very great quality.»

–  Clark McDaniel, CEO Williams & McDaniel property management

“Thank you Patrick for delivering an incredible presentation and helping all participants ignite their inner fire! Your solid business messages coupled with your passion made our event a huge success. With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 by conference attendees, we know that your sessions delivered an excellent return on investment for Bio-Lab Canada.”

– Orna Murphy, Senior Marketing Manager, Bio-Lab Canada