Information for meeting planners


Some documents will be sent to you before the presentation. If you have not received your copies, please contact us:

  • Introduction (PDF): Should be read as it is before and after the conference by Patrick Leroux’s master of ceremonies;
  • Handout and evaluation form (PDF): Each participant must receive a copy of both documents before the conference. We suggest you put a copy on every seat moments before the presentation, and
  • Photo of Patrick Leroux: You can use a photo of Patrick to promote the conference.


Permission to record the session (audio or video) for non-commercial and internal use only and can be obtained, provided that the recording is done by professionals and ResultAction inc. receive the original copy (master). The sale of the recording is prohibited and copyright will remain the exclusive property of ResultAction inc.

Travel, accommodation and subsistence


  • Accommodation costs, if any, are charged to the customer and include breakfast and meals where applicable, the hotel room (non-smoker), local phone calls, 800 numbers, Internet access and hotel parking. If the presentation ends after 9:00pm, another night might be necessary.
  • Airline in economy class. However, for journeys of more than 5 hours, business class is requested. Given the frequent changes of dates and times of presentations, price discount with restrictions will not be used. The air transport costs include transfers, airport taxes and airport parking.
  • Transport costs per car is $ 0.55 per km, but not applicable in a radius of less than 100 km from Montreal.

Here are some useful information that will help you organize your event:


Telephone appointment


It is very important that Patrick make a telephone meeting with the person responsible for the group to which he will address his preparation in order to prepare custom presentation and to finalize all the logistical details.

Equipment required

The following equipment will be available to the speaker:

  • A video projector (VGA or HDMI wire on stage) and a projector screen (with white background if possible);
  • A wire connecting the audio console to the speaker’s laptop (this is a multi-media presentation);
  • A headset microphone if the group exceeds 60 persons;
  • A small table on stage to deposit the laptop, speaker notes and water;
  • A large table in the back for back of the room sales; and
  • A water bottle if possible.



If you or your client wish to purchase books to be offered to participants, we offer a 20% discount on all purchases of 20 books and more. Contact us to order books.


Letter of appreciation


Only if you are satisfied, a letter of appreciation for style, content and feedback from participants regarding the speaker would be greatly appreciated within 30 days after Patrick’a presentation.